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Henry Ma

Apparel Academy, Ricoma COO

Henry Ma is the COO of Ricoma and the face of Ricoma’s YouTube series, Apparel Academy. As COO, he focuses on building processes and infrastructure to ensure high efficiency among teams. Henry is also in charge of new product development that extends beyond Ricoma’s core business.

Reyes Gasca

Reyes the Entrepreneur

With over 260k YouTube subscribers, Reyes Gasca, also known as Reyes the Entrepreneur, uses YouTube to teach his viewers everything they need to know about starting a business from home. From tackling DTG machinery to starting his own vending machine business, Reyes doesn't shy away from trying new things and being completely transparent about his process. The YouTuber reveals the obstacles he faces along the way and how he overcomes them in a comedic yet informative way.

Bruce Ackerman

Founder of Printavo

Bruce Ackerman is previously Head of Design at Avant and now the founder of Printavo, a simple shop management software which helps print shops easily run and manage their shops. As a seasoned public speaker, Bruce has led seminars for business owners and startups interested in increasing their efficiency and growing their businesses.

Lisa Shaw

Bubbles' Menagerie

Lisa Shaw is considered a trusted name in the machine embroidery world. She is the face of embroidery software program, Embrilliance, as well as her own company, Bubbles’ Menagerie. Having been in the industry since the 1990s, Lisa comes with a wealth of knowledge in both the technical and artistic sides of machine embroidery. Her main focus is educating others on everything embroidery related, from digitizing to how to use your embroidery machine for best results.

Jennifer Moore

The Sewing Report

Former CNN producer Jennifer Moore now reports on something a little more off-beat: sewing. The full-time YouTuber now runs the Sewing Report, a channel that covers crafting, sewing, machine embroidery and everything DIY. Her goal is to show new generations that sewing is a useful skill and creative outlet for all age groups.

Gary Ajene

T-Shirt Help Desk

Gary Ajene, founder of the T-Shirt Help Desk, is the go-to T-shirt business expert. He uses his YouTube channel to educate and interact with his audience. Gary reviews the best platforms to sell your shirts, teaches what actually works in the T-shirt business today, and shares key tips for running a productive and successful custom apparel business.

Eve Lowry

The Baby's Booty

Eve Lowry is known in the embroidery world for offering beginner embroidery tutorials, embroidery tips & tricks, and more. Eve’s YouTube channel, The Baby’s Booty, brings together a community of embroiderers who want to learn more about the industry and grow their businesses. Her main focus is helping embroidery beginners master the art of machine embroidery.

Laura Gomez

Embroidery Hub, Ricoma Content Manager

Laura Gomez is Ricoma’s Content Manager and the face of Ricoma’s very own YouTube series, Embroidery Hub. Her commitment to education knows no bounds, as she has flown cross country and even to Australia to teach fellow embroiderers about embroidery. When she’s not filming Embroidery Hub, she is writing content for Ricoma.

Valeria Knight

Ricoma Marketing Manager

Valeria Knight is Ricoma’s Marketing Manager. Currently, she oversees all marketing operations from content, social and email marketing to paid Facebook & Google campaigns for lead generation. She also works with design and product development to create exceptional user experiences across Ricoma’s platforms and beyond.

Shane Mehta

Ricoma Designer

Shane Mehta is Ricoma’s multi-award winning Graphic Designer. He has a wide range of experience from UX/UI design, illustration, branding, and web design. In charge of the graphics and designs for Ricoma’s websites, Shane works closely with the content team to come up with creative solutions to visually display Ricoma’s brand image.

Julia Sos

Ricoma Client Onboarding Specialist

Julia Sos is Ricoma’s Client Onboarding Specialist. She has first-hand interaction with our customers as she guides them through the process of learning their new embroidery machine. Holding weekly training courses for our customers, Julia fully trains Ricoma customers in how to operate, fix, and maintain their new embroidery machine.

Mark Torres

Assistant Service Manager

Mark Torres is Ricoma’s Assistant Service Manager, who has helped thousands of embroiderers receive and maintain their machine, in his 4 year career with Ricoma. Mark understands the ins and outs of all Ricoma equipment, assists in troubleshooting, and ensures that all Ricoma machines are running properly, before getting to the customer.

Daniel Zas

DTG Trainer + Customer Success Specialist

Daniel is Ricoma's customer success specialist and trainer for all things printed, such as DTG machines and heat presses. Having printed thousands of t-shirts, Daniel knows the ins and outs of every aspect of printing and how to make the most out of your machinery.